We run a small-scale domestic Bengal cattery, located in Purmerend ,(The Netherlands).

After having read in detail about the breed, we bought our first, purebred, Bengal cat at a registered cattery in 2015.
At the first visit, we fell in love with a beautiful contrasting silver Bengal cat called Lux.

We had to wait a few weeks untill Lux reached the age of 13 weeks and could live with us. We counted the days. Finally the moment had arrived.

It has been great to have a Bengal cat in the house. Very different from the cats we had before. Awesome, this amount of energy in such a small cat! How sweet to have a miniature panther with a silky smooth coat playing in your house and purring on your lap.

From the start we had planned Lux to have kittens at least once.
After performing the necessary tests on hereditary diseases and conditions (HCM, PKD, Pkdef, PRA-B, Fiv/Felv, Giardia) it was time to search for a suitable bengal male.

When Lux was more than 1 year of age she gave birth to 2 adorable kittens: Sparta (Brown spotted/ Rosetted) and Season ( Silver spotted/ Rosetted).

As a result of this experience, we became quite addicted to this breed.

Domesticity and health of the cats are highly respected. The cats and kittens reside in our living room and grow up in our family. They are used to the sounds of the vacuum cleaner and the washing machine. They get high-quality food, lots of attention, are regularly dewormed and visit the vet on a regularly base.

The bengal cats in our cattery come from screened bloodlines and have been carefully selected. We also import bengal cats to get diversity of genes and test them on a regulary base.

Our kittens leave the house after being fully examined by the vet, chipped, dewormed, vaccinated at the age of minimum 13 weeks old. They come with a Neocat Pedigree, European Animal passport, Copies of test results Parent Animals, Start Up Package for the first days.

The new owner and cattery are held by contract to respect certain rules involving wholesome conduct and future breeding. It also stipulates the support owners can expect to receive from the cattery.